At a press conference in London, Huawei outlined its vision for 5G Deterministic Networking (5GDN).

The idea is to build manageable, verifiable and deterministic virtual

private mobile networks, offering customers a predictable and
differentiated service experience.

5GDN runs on a cloud-native platform and supports microservice-based 2G/3G/4G/5G full convergence.

Huawei said it is the first to deliver a deterministic networking
oriented 5G core network solution. It supports a super-performance
heterogeneous MEC, multi-dimensional dynamic intelligent slicing, and a
core network automation engine.

  • Cloud Native:
    The next-generation telco cloud hardware platform E9000H is equipped
    in-house Kunpeng chips and runs on a switching-free architecture. With
    integrated IP+IT capabilities, it ensures optimal cost per bit.
    Leveraging the cloud native architecture, the Telco Converged Cloud
    (TCC) unifies the telco cloud infrastructure and supports
    both VM and container engines to address different requirements of
    central and edge networks.
  • One Core:
    The microservice-based 5G core network is fully integrated with 2G, 3G,
    networks and inherits all existing services. Its centralized control
    plane and one-stop user plane deployment improves system performance,
    simplifies deployment, and ensures smooth software evolution, and
    migration to 5G without changing cards or numbers.
  • Real-time Operation:
    core network automation engine integrates multiple NE functions and
    takes advantage of programmable workflow, data native, and AI
    capabilities to ensure intelligent,
    simplified, and agile operation of the 5G core network.
    Multi-dimensional dynamic intelligent slicing with minute-level
    automatic deployment provides differentiated virtual private networks
    for industries.
  • Edge Computing:
    Super-performance, heterogeneous MEC ensures deterministic low latency
    and builds a new edge ecosystem based on enhanced connectivity and
    computing, cloud-edge collaboration, plug and play, and fast integration
    of third-party services.

“5G deterministic networking is the key to industry digital
transformation. Huawei will work with industry partners to promote
industry consensus, accelerate industry development, promote service
innovation, build an industry ecosystem, and drive new 5G business
opportunities”, said Ma Liang, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core
Network Marketing Dept.

Huawei also announced that it has secured over 90 worldwide commercial 5G contracts.

In February 2019, Huawei announced that it had 50 commercial 5G contracts.