Nexgen A/S and its Privacy Statement
Nexgen A/S, a public limited liability company organized, existing under Danish law, with registred office at
Tvinggaardsvej 1, 4690 Haslev, Denmark and with CVR : 41102861 guarantees the confidentiality of its
customers. All your data that you enter on our corporate websites and/or product sites will be treated
confidentially. They are used to guarantee you a better service.
Through this privacy statement, we want to inform you about the collection and processing of your personal data.
When you disclose your personal data, you explicitly state that you have been aware of our privacy statement and
that you have expressly consented to the processing of that data.

Responsible for data processing
Nexgen A/S, a public limited liability company organized, existing under Danish law, with registred office at
Tvinggaardsvej 1, 4690 Haslev, Denmark and with CVR : 41102861, is responsible for the processing of your
personal data.
As part of the collection and processing of your personal data, Nexgen A/S has complied with The Danish Data
Protection Regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since it came into force on 25 May

Nature of our data processing
When requesting information or ordering, Nexgen A/S asks you for the minimum amount of data so that we can
contact or process your order, namely:
-First name
-VAT number
-Email address
-Phone number
-Address (street, postcode, city, country)
-Your questions or suggestions
Other information is optional, you may or may not share it with us. If you check the “Save my profile” box, you will
no longer have to enter your contact information when you next request for information or order. Your data will be
completed automatically for your comfort. Nexgen A/S processes your data in an automated way to keep you up
to date.

Purpose of processing personal data
The use of personal data is intended to ensure that agreements with customers, prospects and suppliers are
executed. If an agreement is reached, this data is processed for direct marketing activities.

Duration of data storage
Personal data is stored and processed as long as Nexgen A/S deems it useful. These can be changed or deleted
at any time at the request of the person himself. An exception to this rule is the legal obligation to keep records for
a specific period or ongoing litigation where personal data is required.

Rights for your personal data
– Right to inspect and copy
– Right to re-ification
– Right to restrict personal data
– Right to file an objection
– Right to transfer data
– Right to file a complaint
– Right to withdraw permission


Data exchange with third parties
Data that Nexgen A/S retains will never be passed on to third parties without your explicit consent.

Changing personal data and providing additional information
For any changes to personal data, please contact Jesper Glar Nielsen at
If you would like more information or have questions about it, you can always contact the standard contact email

The use of cookies
On your first visit to the Nexgen A/S website, a cookie is installed on your computer. This small text
file contains only the information “language- en” or “language -dk.”
On your next visit to the website, this cookie is identified by your browser.
The screen that allows the choice of language will no longer appear and you will go directly to the
home page in the chosen language on your first visit.
This cookie does not contain any other data about you or your computer.
This is only possible if cookie acceptance has been enabled on your computer. If cookie acceptance is
disabled, this will only mean that you will first have to choose the language each time you visit the