What we do

Let’s say it straight away: we want to be ahead of the curve !

Data light  conversion & transmission is now an autonomous market. And we have both the technology and the knowledge to play a key role in it.

We have designed a range of transceivers to fulfill all fiber optic transmissions needs.

Nexgen transceivers give you the exact same reliability as the ones of your equipment supplier. But with a different market approach:

– Cost effective solutions
– Inter-operability
– Wide range of products
– Flexibility
– Full support service (remote / on-site)

The Tranceiver technology has been overpriced for years. But this story has come to an end.

Be smart, go for Nexgen tranceivers.


Who we are

Nexgen didn’t not pop up out of nowhere!

It was launched from the Amadys group, a solid and ambitious holding company encompassing multiple leading businesses with:

140 million € total turnover
9 operating entities
50.000 m² dedicated warehouse space
more than 100 product specialists.

With 20 years of leading experience, Amadys has already gained top credentials and market references in the distribution market of passive equipment to the Telecom sector.

As market needs are evolving, Amadys feels the trend. Active components of the telecom supply chain now offer an emerging niche-market, an opportunity the group wouldn’t miss.

So in 2020 the holding makes another smart move: going active with Nexgen.


Our customers

Telecom Operators
Internet Service providers
Data centers
System integrators